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Tulinx B.V. is a independent provider of intelligent and cost-effective software solutions for mobile service quality, performance management and optimisation of mobile telecom networks. The company is privately owned and was established in 2010.

Our innovative solutions allow operators to automate troubleshooting and do efficient optimisation of the access, transport and core network. Import all your network data into one data warehouse and analyse, correlate and predict the end-to-end quality of your network and develop the right KQI's for Customer Experience Management. With the advanced web-based user applications AWACS and NDA all your network data, KPI's and Analytics can be visualised, analysed, and reported. By intelligent correlation and analytics automation of finding root causes is really possible.

The intelligent setup of our solutions makes them future safe for a smooth transition to new 3GPP network software releases and even new technologies. Today we can support public mobile operators as well as private networks in the enterpise market for regardless of technology and vendor.

Why Tulinx:

  • Cost-efficient: We have a modular approach which allows a very low entry-level for our solutions.
  • Local integration: Our solutions are adaptable to the local needs and can be linked to already available databases.
  • Vendor independent: We are not limited to a certain format, infrastructure vendor or network technology.
  • Zero-Touch: The Artificial Intelligence setup of our automated solutions makes them suitable for any achieving operational excellence with all 3GPP network technologies from 2G to 5G and beyond.
  • Flexibility: Our solutions can be considered as a toolbox for operators that want to do their own internal development or that want to be assured that they have a future-safe investment.
  • Know how: We have many years of mobile telecoms operator experience on-board which ensures an efficient development and partnering with our clients for maximum performance and usability.
  • We love challenges: Do you need a fast solution for a major problem or want to work with new data sources? Contact us and let us help you.

What our customers are saying: “If we want something that is really working, we ask Tulinx”

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