AWACS Performance and Assurance

The web-based presentation application to present and drill-down network performance. This solution is essential for operators to create advanced insight and understand network behavior. Real-time KPI’s and KQI’s are presented instantly in GIS, Chart, TOP-N Tables. AWACS is developed for network engineers by engineers.

Customers are saying:
“The drag-and-drop mechanism is amazing”
"This is the best presentation of handover relation”

Features of AWACS include:
  • Vendor-independent
  • All current and future technologies (2G,3G, 4G, 5G etc…)
  • KPI creation on raw counters for any network element
  • Any data source that is available
  • User friendly web-interface
  • Modular and Customisable
Tulinx AWACS
Tulinx AWACS
Tulinx AWACS
Tulinx AWACS

Supported Vendors include: