Network operations typically using many different data sources and applications. Complexity and variety is constantly increasing through multiple layers and technologies (2G, 3G, 4G, 5G) and a mix of hardware vendors. Customers become more and more demanding, where network operations should well understand how to adapt the network for the best customer experience. This requires vendor independent solutions where all network data is consolidated, being able to understand Customer experience, Predict when to take measures and automate for agility and efficiency.

Tulinx solutions allow you to process in real-time any network data (CM, PM, FM, Probe, Trace, CDR, XDR) for the best insights in your network quality and optimization. Our carrier-grade platform seamlessly fuses ETL, Data warehouse and web-based GUI‘s within a single, end-to-end system but allows a modular approach to avoid overlap with existing solutions.


AWACS is able to present all available network performance data in web-based modules such as Charts, Tables and on maps. KPI's, KQI's, events (config changes, ...) as well as counter data is all available with a mouse click.

Network Data Analyzer (NDA)

NDA is an Assisted optimisation solution for engineers involved in radio optimisation and performance management. The solution will process network data resulting automatically in prioritized notifications and tickets using AI (auto-diagnose).

Private Networks Dashboard

Private Mobile Networks providing indoor or outdoor coverage require simple dashboards to visualize status and performance. Tulinx solutions are vendor and technology independent and provide the dashboard that fits your nneeds


For management reporting on daily, weekly or monthly basis and further analytics the data from the internal data warehouse can be used. Tulinx solutions can integrate with third party BI solutions (Tableau, BO, ...) to produce standardised reports and overviews.