network data analyzer


The engine for efficient Network Operations. Correlation, prediction, prevention and automation to enable the added value of your network data. NDA allows to automate repetitive analysis, digitizes suggestion and resolutions and changes in the network. NDA includes workflow management to focus on the most severe issues in the network and avoid overlap of work.

Features of NDA include:
  • Automatic Import and Aggregation (ETL)
  • Automatic correlation of data
  • Artificial Intelligence algorithms built-in
  • Integration of all available network data
  • Creates KPI’s, Notifications and prioritised tasks
  • Custom scripting
  • Real time processing
  • Cross platform (open) database & solution
  • Automatic and Effective ticket/task processing (workflow)

NDA Achievements:

  • 30% efficiency gain
  • 50% reduction in resolution times

Customer quote: "NDA shows network alarms faster in the map than our ITSM solution"