Private Networks Management


For Private LTE and 5G Networks (including ONGO and neutral host) we offer easy-to-use solutions that can monitor the status of Radio Macro, Small Cells as well as activity of the devices and UE's.
Available performance data from EPC, Radio networks and UE's in Enterprise or Mission Critical Networks is automatically stored in our database.
The single web-based dashboard is made available for system managers to allow efficient monitoring and management. For drill-down and technical troubleshooting our AWACS solution is a additional module using the the same database.

Private Networks Viewer:
  • All network elements are available in a single dashboad regardless of the vendor
  • Dashboards are Real-time and configurable on any timing interval
  • Status of single devices and UE's can also be monitored
  • Standard KPI's such as Availability, Connection Success Rate, Throughput and Latency are available (e.g. hourly, daily, etc..)
  • Hardware can be installed locally or in the Cloud

Tulinx AWACS